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Orico vegetables specialty fertilizer





  • 1.This special fertilizer,contains 45% N-P-K(18-9-18) as well as appropriate amount of trace elements like Ca,Mg,S,Zn,B, is developed by Guangdong Academe of Agricultural Sciences-Institute of Soil and Fertilizer,China.
  • 2.Adding special additive,which contains 18 species of amino acids,organic enzymes and soil improver.These components guarantee the excellent functions of the fertilizer, like improving the formation of the soil granular structure,activating the soil beneficial bacterias,improving the soil fertility,promoting the vegetables growth,etc.



Recommended Usage and Dosage

  • 1.For the short growth period vegetables(such as chinese cabbage,mustard,celery and so on.),the total application amount is about 375~675KG/ha.
    Basal application:75~150KG/ha.
    Top dressing application:60~128KG/ha,applying when transplant survival.Then 7~12 days per time.
  • 2.For the long growth period vegetables,the total application amount is about 750~3750KG/ha.
  • 3.For melons and beans
    Melons:1500~3000KG/ha(basal application 40%~50%).
    Beans:600~1800KG/ha(basal application 35%~40%).
    Solanaceous vegetable((pepper,tomato,eggplant):1759~3450KG/ha(Basal application 40%~50%).
  • 4.The specific application amount and time depends on the varieties,growth period,soil fertility,weather,etc.



  • The product is featured with high nutrient contents and concentration,so we need to? wash the leaves twice,at the same day and next morning by clean water after top dressing.The situation as same as broadcast.