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Rice Specialty Fertilizer

Controlled Release
N≥20% P≥12% Amino Acid K≥14%
Amino-compounds≥8% Soluble Soybean-meal Organics≥13%

An environmental-friendly controlled-release multiple-function fertilizer,which contains comprehensive nutrients.Rely on modern science of soil conservation and nutrition demand characters of rice,apart from N,P,K,we add vary kind of organics, humic,plant growth regulator, root promotion and trace element like Ca, Mg, S, Zn, P etc.

1. It is a slow release organic fertilizer that could increase more than 40% absorption rate of the nutrient. Extend the effect date for about 110-120 days and decrease 30-40% used of Nitrogen and 30-50% amount of nitrate in the crops. Keep using this products could not only enhance soil fertility and protect environment. On the other hand, it could also release nutrient according to the nutrition demand of different stage of the crop (from seeding period to heading period), decrease waste and loss of soil nutrient.
2. The product can adjust the soil pH,enhance the soil activity and permeability,promote absorption,keep fertility balance.
3. Enhance the adverse resistance of rice,promote rooting,adjust the amount of beneficial bacterias in the soil. It is especially efficient for prevent lousy root, yellow leaf and blast result from rainy,sunshine insufficient ,cold , drought and phytotoxicity .
4. Improve rice photosynthesis.Increase the amount of chlorophyll.Decrease the amount of Nitrate and Nitrite of the rice. Promote early maturity.

1. Application method:base application, top application, hole application, root application,or watering after broadcast.
2. Base application: In cold area 300-450kg/ha,other area 600-750kg/ha.
3. Other application:225-300kg/ha.
4. Adjust the dosage according to different soil condition.

5.Valid date: Three years.