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Banana Specialty Fertilizer

According to the soil characteristics of banana plantation in China,we adjusted the respective proportion of N-P-K.The product can better meet the macroelements requirement of banana.In addition,we added more medium- and trace- elements like Ca,Mg,S etc. accordingly.So this specialty fertilizer can fulfill the nutritional requirement (high K,high Ca,high Mg and low P) of banana.
Content: N-P-K:16-5-17

Recommended Dosage: 5,000-6,000KG/ha


Before planting: Mix appropriate organic fertilizer and 15% organic fertilizer,hole application.
After colonization(7-10 days): apply about 4% specialty fertilizer to the drip line shallow ditch.
Month later after planting: apply 6% specialty fertilizer
Two months later: apply 10% specialty fertilizer(it is better if mix with organic fertilizer)
Middle stage:apply twice with 20% specialty fertilizer
Later stage:apply 25% specialty fertilizer

1.Avoid the banana root contact the specialty fertilizer at seedling stage.
2.We have 38% and 48% specialty fertilizer for your selection according to the fertility of different field.