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Tomato Specialty Fertilizer

N≥18% P≥3% K≥32% High-calcium≥20%

A comprehensive nutrients fertilizer,which was developed according to tomato nutrition demand and growth characteristics. With the advantage of protecting flowers, promoting fruits (no cracking fruit, resisting low temperature and diseases),high efficiency and environmental-friendly . Not only including mass (N, P, K) and trace (Ca, Mg, S, Te, P, Zn, M etc.) element but also contain a large amount activity organic, amino, biological activity bacteria. Especially, including the special components like growth regulator, rooting agent, CPPU, TF and so on.


1. With characteristic like slow release of organic fertilizer, quick effect of fertilizer, enhance effect of trace fertilizer. Effective duration is about 15-20 days,while common fertilizer is just 3-5 days. Under same conditions, it is better for increase harvest. Compared with applying normal fertilizer,the plant has more root and stronger seedling if use this product.
2. The product can transform indissoluble P, K into soluble P and K. At the same time, enhance photosynthesis, accelerate formation of protein and chlorophyll, promote strong yield, good shape and earlier mature (7-10 days), extended harvest period.
3. The product contain growth regulator, transformer, anti-cropping agent and lots of amino. As a result, it could accelerate metabolism and enhance the adverse resistance.


1. Applying this product 10-15 days after transplanting.90-120kg/ha.Hole application,root application or watering after broadcast.
2. Flowering stage:150-180kg/ha.
3. Fruit stage: 225-300kg/ha, repeat per 10-15 days.


1. It is a ultra concentrated fertilizer. If agglomerated,dissolve it and the efficiency will not be affected.
2. It will be better if use it in sunny day.
3. Can be mixed with neutral or acid fertilizer/ fungicide.
4. If it is the first time to use this product, please reserve blank control for comparing.
5. Valid date: Three years.