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Chitosan Seaweed Fertilizer

Fine oil fertilize


  • Outline:

    Chitosan Seaweed Fertilizer is used to control crops` low quality ,decrease of yielding,increase of dead plants and diseases caused by re-cropping.It is a kind of oil fertilizer manufactured by high biochemical technology,containing multiplicate plant nutritions,such as complex re-crop resisting reagent.Fulvic acid,seaweed extract,rare carth element,Nitrogen-Phosphorus-Potassium,microelements etc.The product can be dissolved in water wholly without residue and absorbed completely by plants.Chitosan Seaweed fertilizer is a kind of the most advanced fertilizers.


Target Crops:

  • Leaf vegetables ,eggplant,kidney bean, cucumber, pumpkin, tomato, capsicum, celery, watermelon, garlic, melon, grape and vegetables in green house.

Applying Methods:

  • Dilute to 500-1000 times,apply by pouring roots,dropping,spraying or apply in the planting hole.

Dosage for Pouring:

  • 120-150kg/ha,apply by pouring once every 7-10days.

Active Ingredients:

  • Total content                    30%min
    Nitrogen                           15%min
    Phosphorus                       5%min
    Potassium                         10%min
    Amino acid                        10%min
    Fulvic ammonia                20%min
    CHITOSAN                        5%min
    Rare earth element             2%min
    Microelements                    8%min
  • Bioactivator ,Fulvic acid seaweed extract,root-promoting agent,fruit-promoting agent.


  • The fertilizer is concentrated please refer to the recommended rate.The maximum rate is 300kg per hectare.


  • The product should be stored under cool and dry conditions.A little crystalline deposit do nothing with the effect,shake well before using.

Guarantee Period:

  • 3years.